Churros with chocolate are one of the favourite Spanish dessert, which is particularly popular in Madrid and the region of Castile. Churros are also known as Spanish doughnuts as the dough and the cooking process (deep frying) are almost identical. The main difference lies in the size as churros are of small size and visually are similar to breadsticks. Traditionally, churros are dipped into a cup of hot chocolate or coffee with milk.

The history of the dessert has to do with nomadic tribes that used to occupy the Iberian peninsula. They gave the name “churra” to the fried dough because it reminded them of a type of sheep called the same way. There is another version of the origin of churros, according to which the dessert was brought from China by Portuguese sailors.

Be it as it may, for several centuries now, churros has been one of the main sweets in Spain. For instance, thousands of people in Madrid go for some churros after the bells on New Year’s night. Besides, every morning you can see local people enjoying churros with chocolate in bars and restaurants.

Here are some places in Madrid where you can try excellent churros.

  1. San Ginés. Located a few metres away from Puerta del Sol, this cafe is considered the first churreria, meaning a cafe specialised in churros. All the walls here are covered with the photos of Spanish celebrities who have paid a visit. Churros are served in their traditional way with melted chocolate.

  2. Valor. This chain of cafes, situated not only in Madrid but also in other Spanish cities, offers you as churros with traditional milk chocolate so with other types of chocolate, such as dark or white. One of the cafes is right by the square Callao.

  3. La Antigua Churrería. Being more than a century old, this cafe is famous for both churros and porras. Porras are a type of churros, you can say a bigger version of them. Here you can try not only traditional Spanish doughnuts but also those with filling, for instance, cream or chocolate. This cafe is located not so central but a visit here will give you a chance to walk along one of the most fashionable areas of Madrid, Chamberí.