he list of the best of the best tapas bars of Madrid is actually endless. The size of the capital, Spanish customs, preferences of foreigners, all of this effect the continually growing variety of bars in Madrid. On the other hand, there are certain veterans of the art of tapas, who manage to remain successful throughout the years. The choice between one or another venue mainly depends on your preferences as in Madrid you can find a bar for absolutely any taste. This is why the following list should not be seen as conclusive, rather it is some sort of a guiding line for those who are going to visit the capital of Spain for the first time and interested in trying real Spanish cuisine the way Madrileños like it.

  1. Sidrería El Tigre

Let us being with one of those “veterans” mentioned above. This chain of bars has already turned into the classic of the genre. Apart from that, the food is really delicious, this place is also very democratic pricewise. It is very difficult to get in at the weekend because almost half of the city comes here for a drink and tapa. For a glass of beer, you will pay here 2.5 euros, but the best part is that with the drink, you will be served a big tapa. In fact, you can eat here for 2.5-5 euros.

  1. Bodega de Ardosa

Another classic of Madrid. This bar has been there for a century and a half, and offers to its guests all the basics of the Spanish hobby “tapear”. You will find here salmorejo, tortilla, croquetas, etc. Besides, the bar has a wide range of beer and vermut, for which Spain is also famous. Here you will have to pay around 8 euros if you want not only a drink but a tapa as well.

  1. Laredo

This bar is particularly popular with the fans of soups and stews. However, if you decide to try paella, rabbit, or suckling pig here, you should also step by here. An average cheque per person is about 15 euros but it has mainly to do with that having tried one of tapas, you are very likely to stay here for a full meal.

  1. Casa Toni

For those who want to try real potatoes with the brava sauce this place is a real gem. Located just a few metres away from Puerta del Sol, Casa Tony makes great tapas, serves generous portions and will not ask you to pay some crazy money for it. A portion of patatas bravas will cost you 9 euros but you will surely have to share it. Apart from potatoes, you should also try here pimientos de padrón and calamari.

  1. Viavélez

Viavélez is a big restaurant but Madrileños particularly like that part of it which has to do with the bar and tapas. The most popular dishes here are fabada, patatas a la riojana, croquetas, and boquerones. The level of this bar is higher than of the others from this list but the pleasure of their food is definitely worth it. An average cheque here is 20 euros, yet Madrileños do not miss a chance to come here as they know that the quality of tapas here is always very high. Besides, unlike the mentioned above El Tigre, here you can enjoy your meal comfortably.