Spain is famous for its food all around the world. The variety of fish, meat, and vegetables make Spanish food not only delicious but also healthy. However, there are some dishes which surprise tourists (to say the least) but are very loved by the Spanish.

  1. Calsot Onion

    We talked about this unique Catalonian product not long ago. Despite its outstanding flavour, the look of this dish doesn’t appeal to everyone. Burnt till it’s black, the onion can easily ruin your clothes. This is why you should eat it wearing a special apron and gloves. If you are courageous enough to give it a go, you will definitely be rewarded. Calsot is really tasty.

  2. Pig Ears

    Te name of this dish speaks for itself. The Spanish think that a pig has no inedible parts, so they use even ears and hooves. The former is particularly popular. They are fried until they have formed a golden crust and then served as a beer snack. The dish is probably not for everyone, but the Spanish are mad about this snack.

  3. Eel Plankton

    Another dish that is doubtful to be liked by any non-Spanish but which has all the chances to enrich your culinary experience. Eel plankton is fried with garlic and pepper. This is such a popular dish that you can even find it in a supermarket in the ready meals section. Despite an unappetising look, the eel plankton has a lovely taste.

  4. Blood sausage

    This sausage has a very peculiar look and taste. It is of black colour, and its taste is really tense, which is very difficult to compare to anything else. But the Spanish love it so much that they have a whole bunch of its recipes. The most famous one is made in Burgos.

  5. Bull Testicles

    Another explicit title. The testicles re usually cooked in a sauce. In many regions around Spain, they don’t necessarily come from a bull, often enough other animals’ testicles are used. Not everyone will find the courage to try this delicacy, although the recipe is several hundred years old and considered to be proper Spanish.

And a few words about unusual drinks. In Spain, it is very common to order clara, which is a mix of beer with lemonade. This is a fresh drink, which is particularly pleasant in the summer heat. Another Spanish drink to tackle thirst is called horchata. This drink is made with chufa. Unlike clara, horchata is unlikely to be everybody’s cup of tea, but the Valencians claim that there is no better remedy from the heat.