Let me begin from the main – real Spanish breakfast is always great, and you can easily find in literally any Spanish bar. Which is why the following list is a suggestion for the most demanding eaters or those who are looking for something a little less traditional/ Here are some ideas where you can have breakfast and what to order there.

  1. Café de Oriente

    This is a great choice for any tourist in Madrid. Located in front of the Royal Palace, this café will let you enjoy not only a typical Spanish breakfast of tortilla (an omelette with potatoes), bread with tomatoes (served with salt and olive oil), and coffee but also the morning views of the palace.

  2. Federal Café

    Nowadays this café includes two venues, one of the in Malasaña, the other one – just a few metres away from the Plaza Mayor. Here it would be difficult to try typical Spanish breakfast, instead, you can always find here a few options of international breakfast or brunch. Toasts with avocado, salmon, several varieties of eggs, healthy smoothies, and fresh juices, everyone will find something according to their taste.

  3. Ojala

    The famous Madrid restaurant is located in the heart of Malasaña. Its fame is based on its underground floor, which aims at filling in for the only disadvantage of Madrid, meaning the lack of a beach. This is why the underground floor is all sand, umbrellas, and chaise lounges. However, the food here also deserves your attention as the restaurant offers a unique mix of traditional Spanish cuisine and international recipes. Here you can try both tortilla and pancakes.

  4. Valor

    If you prefer a sweet breakfast and want to try something really Spanish, then Valor is your choice. Unlike other cafés where churros (deep-fried pastry) are offered, here you can choose with what chocolate you would like to taste your churros. There are all sorts of chocolate for true gourmets, from white chocolate to spicy dark one.

  5. Café Comercial

    This is another typical Spanish place, which will be particularly interesting for those keen on history. Founded in 1887, the café Comercial has been offering traditional Spanish food for more than a century, and their breakfast may be considered a benchmark. If after an omelette and coffee you still have some appetite, then you can also try churros with chocolate in their most traditional representation.