A vegetarian diet has long ceased to be the choice of a few animal rights activists. On the contrary, nowadays, this cuisine has become one of the most popular trends, which will interest as those who excluded meat and fish from their life so those who simply look for something different yet healthy. Despite the common opinion, vegetarian restaurants offer you a much more impressive selection than say three salads and veggie soup. In fact, you can find here delicious burgers, Asian dishes, and even spaghetti that will not affect your waist (for instance, if they are made of courgette), and many more things.

So here’s my personal top of vegetarian restaurants, which will impress even those who cannot live a day without a steak.

  1. Mona Pinkerton Vegetarian Love

Small, almost family business, where you will be treated with excellent burgers and warmest care.

  1. Loving Hut

This restaurant has a remarkable menu, and my favourite is “chicken” nuggets. However, I have to warn you that unlike most Spanish places, this one does not have an extensive wine list as they offer only ecological drinks.

  1. Punto Vegano

Recently refurbished, the restaurant extended their menu, and now you can taste here unique vegetarian burgers, which are identical to the best meaty ones.

  1. B-13 Bar

An excellent choice for those who look for a traditional Spanish atmosphere. Cooking here is not as fancy as in some other vegetarian places but it actually works out perfectly. You should definitely come here with friends.

  1. Sanissimo

A big restaurant chain in Madrid, and in each, you can find delicious burgers (I particularly recommend the beetroot one) as well as the healthiest and tastiest bowls in the capital.