There is little time left till winter and the sky is already partly covered with clouds. Despite that the majority of days in Madrid is sunny, winter here usually implies greyer weather and more frequent rains. If the rain catches you by surprise while you visiting the Spanish capital, here are ideas where to hide from it.

  1. Tropical forest on the railway station Atocha

This green paradise is often left aside by tourists who are too busy walking the city streets. This is why rainy weather is a perfect excuse to finally get to see the magical forest, which is located inside the station. Huge palm trees and other tropical plants, a small pond with turtles, and lots of cafes… You can easily spend a few hours in Atocha and wait for the rain to stop.

  1. Museums

Obviously, one of the best ideas is to enrich yourself culturally if the weather does not welcome long walks on the fresh air. If you are lucky enough to have visited the three main museums of Madrid (Prado, Thyssen, and Reina Sofia), then it is time to explore less known but no less charming corners of culture and history. For example, there is the naval Museum just a few steps away from Prado, the Museum of Dress, or the National Archaeological Museum.

  1. The Royal Monastery of Incarnation (Real Monasterio de Encarnición)

Founded in 1611, the monastery is situated next to the opera house and Royal Palace. Here you will find one of the main shrines of Madrid and the Christian world, the blood of St. Pantaleon. The whole year the blood remains tough but July 27, the day of the saint, it becomes liquid. Legend has it, if it doesn’t happen then Madrid should expect some horrible disasters. Luckily, this miracle takes place every year at the supposed hour, and scientists still have no explanation for the phenomena.

  1. Markets

Markets are one of the favourite spots of Spanish people as here you can not only buy the freshest products but also have a snack or even meal. Generally, half of a market if not the whole building is occupied by restaurants and bars. This makes markets a perfect location to eat in a big company as here, you will always find a variety of options, and everyone will surely have something according to their taste. If you come here alone, you won’t be bored either. Informal environment and friendliness of the Spanish always welcome a chat and meeting new people while sipping wine.

  1. Barometer on the Main Square (Plaza Mayor)

If the rain does not bother you, then you can cheer yourself up by going to the Main Square. The first square of this kind in Spain (now there is a plaza mayor in every Spanish city), it was built in the beginning in the XVIIth century, and on the building of the former bakery (nowadays this part of the square is decorated with wall paintings and inside you will find tourist information), a barometer was installed. For a long time, it worked just fine notifying citizens about changes in the weather but at some point, it broke down and since then has been very optimistic about the current climate. Standing in the pouring rain, you still see the barometer’s arrows stubbornly indicating “good weather” (buen tiempo).