Torrijas en Semana Santa (Sweet toasts for the Holy Week)

Easter is one of the main holidays of the year, especially in Spain. The celebration includes a lot of traditions and festive food. We are glad to present you one of the most delicious Easter sweets –  torrijas.

Torrijas are kind of sweet toasts that we know and love since childhood. However, their main difference is that they’re dipped in wine or milk. When Semana Santa (Easter Week) comes to Spain (this year from 10 to 16 April), this dessert is served in all restaurants of the capital.

History of Torrijas

The recipe of unusual “toasts” was founded back in the fourteenth century by the French chef. At that time, people used dry bread for preparing torrijas. The talented chef recommended dipping the pieces of bread in the egg mass, adding sugar and drying them in the pan, greased with oil.

Only in 100 years this dessert reached Spain. It was indicated in the books that the combination of egg and honey in torrijas is perfect to restore strength after the hard working day. They were recommended even for the women in the post-natal period!

Not for nothing, torrijas are cooked during the Holy Week (Semana Santa). The bread acts as Body of Christ, while milk and eggs are used for its purification, and the process of frying means the tortures of Christ before Resurrection.

In our time, sweet toasts became so popular that people cook them not only for the holiday, but on any other day. Try the combination of torrijas with different sweet toppings (such as honey, syrup or sweet wine).

Torrijas in the restaurants of Madrid

If you’re going to visit Spain during the Holy Week (Semana Santa), don’t miss the opportunity to try torrijas in the capital restaurants.

We advise you to visit “La Casa de las torrijas” (which means “the house of torrijas”), located in the city centre, next to Plaza Mayor. As you have already understood, this restaurant is famous for the preparation of the most delicious toasts in Madrid. You should also visit the local pastry shop “Nunos” to taste sweet and salty toasts with the most incredible fillings.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Spain during the Holy Week (Semana Santa), learn the local customs and try the traditional Easter treats!

The guide in Madrid wishes you a pleasant stay!