Where can you taste the best paella in Madrid?

Where can you taste the best paella in Madrid?

Spanish cuisine is very rich and various. Every region of the country has its own specialties, beloved by all residents and tourists. For example, the inhabitants of Madrid prefer meat dishes (“cocido”- thick and hearty soup with bean and meat, “rabo de toro” (oxtail), “cochinillo” – suckling pig, etc.) and seafood, specific to the Mediterranean diet. They are mostly used for making “paella”- the most typical Spanish dish.

It is believed that paella originates from Valencia. Thus, the name “paella” is translated as “frying pan”. There are only two indispensable ingredients for preparing paella – rice (mainly the black one) and olive oil. The rest is the flight of your imagination and preference. Classic Valencian paella is made of seafood, but you can also use meat, vegetables, chicken, etc. Perhaps, the variety of options is one of the reasons for the popularity of this dish. According to the Spaniards, there are more than 300 ways to make paella! This fact only highlights its popularity.

You can try paella almost everywhere in Madrid. However, if you want to taste real paella, prepared according to the classic recipes, you should visit the following restaurants:

  1. La Taurina (San Jeronimo, 5).
  2. Cafeteria del Prado (Paseo del Prado).
  3. La Barraca (Calle de la Reina, 29).
  4. Arroceria La Bahia (Calle de Dulcinea 65).

Don’t miss the chance to try the most delicious paella in the best restaurants of Madrid! We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!