The best restaurants of Toledo with traditional cuisine

Welcome to Toledo – the ancient capital of Spain! This city has a huge number of attractions, rich history and unique kitchen. Culinary traditions belong to the main features of Toledo, which can’t be left unattended. Therefore, during our excursion, the guide in Toledo will show you the best city’s restaurants, where you can try the most delicious local dishes. So, let’s start tasting!

The restaurant “Hacienda del Cardenal”

The wood stove allows preparing the unique dishes according to the ancient Castilian traditions (for example, roasted pig or lamb).

With the onset of summer, you can enjoy the lush Muslim gardens, filled with the flowery smell and beautiful sounds of fountains, creating the atmosphere of relaxation and privacy.

The restaurant is located in the historic mansion of Toledo, whose halls are decorated with magnificent tile and wooden ceiling.

The restaurant “El Peñon”

It is safe to assume this restaurant is very promising. The elegant design of establishment, classic dishes (grilled meat) and unique new offers (shrimp salad)… “El Peñon” offers the dishes for different tastes. Here you can have breakfast, lunch, snack or drink a glass of excellent wine.

You can be sure that this restaurant is worthy of your attention!

Restaurant “Placido”

The restaurant “Placido” is located in a building of the old monastery San Bernardino and includes three dining rooms, courtyard (intended for 180 visitors) and street terrace. Dining here is a real pleasure!

The restaurant is located near the Church of Santo Tome, where you can see the unique picture of El Greco “The Burial of the Count of Orgaz”,and the Museum of El Greco.

Due to the extensive menu of restaurant, you will certainly find the dishes to your taste!

Don’t miss the chance to try the local dishes in the best city’s restaurants! The guide in Toledo will make your excursion unforgettable and fill it with a real “taste” of Spain!