You can come back to Madrid time and again and will always find something new and astonishing. Today list offers you free Madrid, in both senses of the expression. To explore this Madrid, you will need only a pair of comfortable shoes, a city map, and a good mood.

  1. Park Retiro

    The famous royal park of Madrid, in which you can get lost for hours, is located just a few minutes away from the Museum of Prado. The only monument to the devil in the world, the Glass Palace, the lake, and endless paths enhance 120 hectares of the park with a unique charm. When you are away from the city rush, you just wish to explore every single corner of the park as every new alley is so different from the rest.

  2. Vertical Garden

    Another green space that however will not take a lot of time to visit. In front of Prado, there is the fund CaixaForum, where you can always visit an interesting exhibition for a small price (usually an entrance ticket costs 5 euros). Even if you are not very interested in the artefacts inside the building, you still should come to the building so as to enjoy the view of the Vertical Garden, located just on the wall outside of the entrance to CaixaForum.

  3. The Temple of Debod

    The ancient Egyptian temple is situated close to the Square of Spain, and it deserves your attention. The building is more than 2000 years old, about which you can find out from a free tour of the temple. This is why you should visit the inside of the temple during the day and come back here in the evening for a photoshoot, as the temple looks particularly outstanding in the rays of the night lighting.

  4. Telefonica

    The building of Telefonica is one of the most significant in contemporary history. This is one of the first skyscrapers. Constructed in 1924, the building for a long time remained the tallest. Apart from the architectonic value, the building is famous for its special role in the Civil War of Spain as it served as the main information point. For instance, Hemingway sent his reports to the USA from here. Today Telefonica is open for a visit. There are 4 floors of various exhibitions, both permanent (about the history of the company Telefonica) and temporary (usually related to science).

  5. The Market San Anton

    Although the best-known market of Madrid is the market of Saint Miguel by the Main Square, I recommend you to step by the market San Anton. It is located close to the building of Telefonica and embraces the atmosphere of markets that the Spanish appreciate so much. Here you will find all the most popular types of cuisine, from traditional Castilian to modern international. Besides, there is a terrace from which you can enjoy the view of one of the brightest areas of Madrid, Malasaña.