The main souvenirs that visitors to Spain bring back home are, of course, jamon and wine. However, if you are looking for something more original but no less Spanish in spirit, here are some ideas.

  1. Traditional Spanish omelette tortilla

Two enterprising Spanish decided that the unique taste of tortilla should be available even to those who for one reason or another can not come to Spain. This is why in their shop at Plaza Mayor, 24 you can buy this delicacy. Carefully packed in a can, the product doesn’t contain any preservatives except for natural one, onion. So tortilla remains fresh, which allows you to bring a piece of sunny Spain no matter where you are going.

  1. A piece of Madrid on the map

No less central is the shop Walk With Me (C/Leon, 30), in which you can buy unique illustrated maps of different Madrid areas. Besides the beauty of the maps’ drawing, they are printed on eco-friendly paper with a special ink. A gift for your friend and careful attitude to nature.

  1. Jewellery from Prado Museum

Spain is famous for its jewellery brans but how much more original it is to present somebody with a piece of jewellery, which reproduces one of Prado’s masterpieces! If after visiting the museum you step by one of the museum’s shops, you will definitely find something that will impress and gladden your dear ones. Here you can purchase necklaces with the famous Meninas for Velasquez’s canvas as well as royal jewellery from the painting of Rubens and Goya.

  1. Madroño Licor

The coat of arms of Madrid is a bear standing by a “strawberry tree”. This well’known tree doe snot belong to fairy’tales, as one may assume based on its name, but actually grows in Madrid and is called madroño. What the tree has in common with strawberries is its fruit, which is also red with small black pieces. The taste of the tree’s fruit is much less pleasant than strawberry but madroño licor is truly delicious. You can try and buy it, for instance, in the famous bar El Madroño.

  1. Violet sweets

Another traditional Madrid souvenir is violet sweets. They were first produced in the sweetshop La Violita, which remains on Puerta del Sol. Here you can buy the famous treat of violet flavour and shape.