The famous street Gran Via in Madrid is often called Spanish Broadway. This is firstly, thanks to the American influence on the architectonic style of Gran Via (from the Callao Square to the Square of Spain). Secondly, this is where all the best musicals are. The programme of the musical theatres is constantly updated, but there are some timeless hits, which always delight the public. If you decide to have a bright and memorable evening in the capital of Spain, then here are some suggestions.

  1. The Lion King

    An indisputable leader among musicals, the Lion King gathers a hall full of people every performance. In it, you will find out the story of a cub lion from the famous Disney cartoon, about it growing up and a difficult way to the crown. The story is unveiled to the timeless music of Sir Elton John and Tim Rice, while the costumes have been awarded numerous prizes for their originality. Both children and adults will be delighted!

  2. Billy Elliot

    This unusual story had conquered Broadway before conquering Madrid too. Through the theatric, musical, and dance arts the creators of the musical depict the life of a young Billy, born on the north of England. Here men dedicated all their time to the work in the mines and boxing in their free time, yet the boy has a very different hobby, ballet dancing. This moving story told in beautiful decorations and accompanied by beautiful music will leave no one untouched.

  3. West Side Story

    This musical has long become a model for others, thanks to its timeless plot and emotional performance. The story revolves around two lovers, whose circumstances are close to Romeo and Juliette, just instead of Verona, you find yourself in New York, and instead of two noble families, there are two rival street gangs. It is a classic for all times.

  4. Anastasia

    This music recently appeared in Madrid, but from the very beginning, everyone got under its spell. Together with the main character, the audience travels to the Russian Empire and then to Paris of the twenties of the last century. Here there is space for a mystery, heroism, and, of course, love. Thanks to wonderful music and impressive decorations, adults and children embrace the story of Anastasia.

  5. The Medic

    The musical The Medic was created and produced in Spain, so it is an excellent choice if you are interested in something that you will not find anywhere else. The show is dedicated to Robe Cole, who is willing to go around the world so as to become a medic. He will visit the grey London of the 11th century and eventually end up in mysterious Persia. Apart from the most talented Spanish composers and decorators, Jorge Blas, the well-known Spanish magician, took part in the creation of the musical, so a magical experience is guaranteed to you and your family.