The best restaurants of Segovia

The best restaurants of Segovia

The best restaurants of Segovia or where to try the most delicious suckling pig?

Welcome to Segovia- one of the most beautiful cities of Spain! Here you can not only visit the famous ancient Aqueduct and fairytale castle Alcazar, but also enjoy the local delicacies. The cuisine of Segovia is characterized by diversity and richness of flavors. You will visit the best city’s restaurant with the guide in Segovia. So, let’s start tasting!

The restaurant “Meson de Candido”

”Meson de Candido” is famous for preparing the classic local dishes, especially the suckling pig (el cochinillo lechal). ”Meson de Candido” was repeatedly recognized as the best restaurant of Spain, which is confirmed by the Michelin star. The restaurant menu includes classic local dishes, such as tortilla, Jamon Iberico, roasted pig, different snacks and desserts (we recommend you to try the duck breast with mashed pear and plum sauce), fish and meat dishes. On average, the lunch at this restaurant can cost you 25-30 euro.

The restaurant ”Jose Maria”

Since 1982, ”Jose Maria” became the main place of meeting and celebration of important events in Segovia. The guests of the restaurant include famous politicians, cultural figures, scientists and media personalities (both the local and the international ones).

The restaurant, located in the historical area of Segovia, is included to the UNESCO list, which is saying a lot. The restaurant interior recreates an ancient Castilian style. The building consists of 8 dining rooms. 90 professionals work on preparing food and serving the clients. The restaurant menu includes traditional dishes (Castilian soup, Jamon Iberico, chorizo and roasted pig), fish and meat dishes, seafood and desserts (seasonal fruit, salads, sobret, ice cream, etc.) Most dishes are suitable for vegetarians and gluten intolerant people.

The restaurant “Convento minimo”

“Convento minimo” is located next to the Main Square (Plaza Mayor) of Segovia, in the building of the old monastery. Here you can celebrate birthdays, christening, communion, bachelorette parties, etc. Thanks to the diversity of menu, here you can have lunch or dinner or just drink a nice glass of wine or cocktail.

The restaurant accommodates 250 people. You can reserve a table for 10-20 people. The restaurant menu includes both the traditional local dishes and the exclusive offers from the chefs.

The guide in Segovia wishes you a nice gastronomic rest!