How do the Spaniards celebrate birthday?

How do the Spaniards celebrate birthday?

Spaniards are cheerful, temperamental and hospitable people, who love parties and honor traditions. Every positive development may be an occasion to arrange a great party, and the birthday is celebrated here with a bang and local color.

Birthday celebration in Spain

Family is very important for the Spanish people, and everyone’s birthday is a great event. As well as the Russians, they invite as many guests as possible to the celebration. They sit around the table, laugh, sing, joke and scream: “Feliz Cumpleaños!” (“Happy Birthday!”).

It is the Spanish custom to hug a lot. Remember that while congratulating the guest of honor. You must also snap him/her on the forehead with the finger as many times as he/she turns.

The peculiarity of Spanish birthdays is that they aren’t tied to any specific date. Sometimes they can be celebrated even for a few months. The family holiday is celebrated only on weekends. The guests are gathering at the restaurant– despite the hospitality of Spaniards, they don’t like to stand at the stove to set the table. At that, no one will be offended if some of the guests comes one-two hour late. He/she will be welcomed as well!

How is the kid’s birthday celebrated?

For Spanish people, children are the central part of life. If the child goes to school, he/she gives his/her classmates treats during the break. You can choose pastry, sweets and juice. Traditionally, the guests of honor bring the special caked called “la coca”.

On his/her birthday, little birthday boy/girl sit in the front row, and during the whole day he/she wears a cardboard party hat.

Usually, the family celebration of kid’s birthdays takes places in the country or in the special children’s room in the entertainment center. The guests always sing a song “Cumpleaños feliz” (“Happy birthday”), and the birthday boy/girl blow out the candles on his/her birthday cake.

What are the birthday presents in Spain?

In Spain, it’s the thought that counts. Here no one thinks about the birthday presents. You can make a home-made pie or buy the gym membership card.

Little birthday boys/girls get books, toys and sweets. As for your colleagues and friends, you can give them symbolic presents, such as calendars, day planners and pens, or visit them with a bottle of wine. The adults can be left without present, if their birthday falls on the weekday, and it won’t offend anyone, as the main thing is to have a lot of fun and give your attention to the guest of honor.