Restaurants «all inclusive» in Madrid

Restaurants «all-inclusive» in Madrid

  • WOK Principe Pio  Calle Paseo de la Florida, 2
  • WOK Costa Buena (Fuenlabrada) Calle Sierra Toledana, 18 (large choice of seafood)
  • Wok – Parrilla – Buffet Kokoxaxa ( San Sebastián de los Reyes) Plaza Norte 2 Avenida Juncal 24
  • WOK GARDEN Centro Comercial La Gavia

All restaurants have almost the same tariffs:

Monday – Friday: lunch from 12.00 (13.00) to 16.30 – 9.75 €

Monday – Thursday: dinner from 19.30 (20.00) до 23.00 (24.00) – 11.75 €

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, lunch and dinner costs 14.00 € and 19.00 € (differently in each restaurant)

Children less than 95 cm tall- free, from 95 cm to 130 cm- about 6.00 €, and from 130 cm to 150 cm- about 8.00 €, higher than 150 cm- common tariff.

Fast food is not welcome in Madrid. It’s not called “the city of gourmets” for nothing. The residents of capital appreciate exquisite dishes and “zest” in each culinary masterpiece. You can have tasty and nourishing meals in all the restaurants and outdoor cafés of Madrid. There is a trend towards the organization of “buffet’, whose various and quality dishes have already been appreciated by numerous tourists.

“Free menu” or where to have a good meal in Madrid?

Madrid has a chain of restaurants and cafes “Buffet Libre”, where the visitors are offered the dishes in the format of “free menu” at a low cost. In other cities of the country and the world, it would be called “all you can eat”, but Madrid is original even in this respect. After the quiet strolls or entertainments, you can easily find a pleasant cafe and enjoy the national cuisine.

The “free menu”, popular among the tourists, is some kind of “buffet”, when the visitors are offered individual table with several dishes. You can choose different cold snacks, salads, soups and second courses. The cost of such table doesn’t exceed 10 euro, and the wide range of food is perfect both for the meat lovers and for those who prefer seafood.

Unfortunately, sometimes the menu of “WOK Buffet Libre” doesn’t include any drinks (even non-alcoholic). However, their cost in such cafes is standard for Madrid, and, given that the order at a restaurant average or café of other format costs from 30 to 50 euro. So, buffet lunch will be cheaper, even if you buy a glass or bottle of wine.

The dishes in the buffet of Madrid

The selection of dishes in the “free menu” is very diverse. Unlike many other cafes, here you can easily find a proper food for children, and even the demands of the real gourmets will be satisfied.

Hot dishes

  • paella;
  • pizza;
  • grilled vegetables;
  • pasta;
  • meat and fish;
  • starters.

Salad bar

The visitors of cafes cook salads themselves from the offered starters. On the special counter you can put all kinds of vegetables on the plate, mix the ingredients and add any sauce you like. The portion size is not limited.


  • ice cream;
  • pastry;
  • confectionary;
  • hot chocolate;
  • churros.

In Madrid eating on the run is not welcome. The main thing is to enjoy the taste and atmosphere. Spanish restaurateurs respect cooking and traditions related to eating. Therefore, when you stop to get some food, try to spend time in a café неспешно и размеренно, enjoying the wonderful variety of tastes.

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