Lavender Festival in Brihuega

Lavender Festival in Brihuega

It feels so great to visit the place you´ve seen only on the monitor screen or in the magazine, because usually in life everything is much more beautiful than in the picture.

Perhaps, almost everybody dreams of visiting France and admiring the lavender field of Provence!  As it turns out, now this festival takes place not only in France, but also in Spain (Brihuega). How can you miss the opportunity to visit this Lavender Paradise?

Although this holiday is only three years old, it has managed to become quite popular. The festival takes place in July, as lavender blooms during this month. You can enjoy the view of the lavender fields every day, and on Saturday and Sunday we advise you to visit the fair in the local village.

Brihuega is a small but very nice Spanish village. It is especially famous for different historic landmarks – you can visit the Arabic caves, cathedral and bullring. You’ll also enjoy the typical Spanish cuisine and taste local “tapas” (snack to the beer or wine) at a reasonable price. We also advise you to contact the information office on Plaza Mayor, where you’ll be explained how to reach your destination.

During the feast, Brihuega is decorated with the colored ribbons and bouquet of flowers on the doors. On Saturday and Sunday they sell here different nice souvenirs and, of course, lavender bouquets.

Lavender field can be seen from everywhere, but we advise you to look at them from a height, as it’s especially beautiful!

Brihuega is a wonderful place! Come here to enjoy a sunset and spend time with your loved ones and friends. Here you can relax, go for a walk and get some great pictures. Lavender field is especially beautiful in the evening and at night, when it’s not so crowded, and the atmosphere’s relaxed.

One of the most popular events takes place on the penultimate weekends of July, together with the festival of classical music. And in the evening we advise you to have dinner in the star light. The smell of lavender can be felt everywhere, which makes this holiday even more romantic.

Our guide in Spain will make your trip to the Lavender Festival in Spain unforgettable!