Where should the tourists stay in Madrid?

Where should the tourists stay in Madrid?

Madrid is a city of contrasts, divided into several districts, each of which is different from each other. Here the modern skyscrapers exist side by side with the medieval buildings, and on the shopping streets you can see the merchant, selling counterfeit goods near the expensive boutiques. The area to stay during your tourist trip depends on its purpose. And the right choice of house will make your stay in this sunny city comfortable and unforgettable.

For excursions

Clearly, to learn about the history and architecture of the city, you should choose the hotels in the center of Madrid. You can define the boundaries of the central district by three squares – Spain, Mayor and Paja. The famous places in the walking distance will be:

  • Palacio de Liria (Liria Palace);
  • Cathedral;
  • Palacio Real (Royal Palace);
  • Plaza de la Cibeles (Cibeles Square);
  • Templo de Debod (Temple of Debod).

Despite the fact that this is the center of the city, cost of living in the hotels here is slightly lower than in the prestigious areas, such as Salamanca and Chamartin. Therefore, it is the best place for the tourist who dreams of sightseeing. The central area also has many bars and restaurants.

For shopping

The sale-season starts in the shops and boutiques of Madrid during Christmas holidays and in summer, in the midst of festival activities. Therefore, many fashionmongers who want to buy the brand clothes at a great discount come to Madrid.

If you visit Madrid for shopping, you should stay in the area of Salamanca, but you should keep in mind that it is a luxury district of Madrid, and the cost of living in the hotels here is quite high. However, you can enjoy shopping, as here you can find the most famous streets with the fashionable boutiques called Serrano, which is the favorite place to dress both for the world-famous film and pop stars, and for the members of royal family.

For sport

Football fans, which come to Madrid during the games, flood the area next to the famous stadium Santiago Bernabeu. Here you can feel the atmosphere of the football fanaticism, as the fans of this game, coming from different countries, can be met at every step. This area has cheap hotels, but it is quite difficult to find a room during the football season.

For entertainment

Madrid is a recognized leader of club life in Europe. Are you planning to spend all night in clubs and discos? Book the hotels next to the main street of Gran Vía. This area is literally “boiling” right after siesta, and the night life lasts until dawn. A lot of shops and restaurants work here during the daytime. Excellent transport accessibility allows you to easily reach the other parts of the city and visit the attractions of Madrid.