Interesting facts about Madrid

Interesting facts about Madrid

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and the world. It is the center of culture, trade and social development of Spain. The first mention of it dates back to the 900 year of our era, and it is no surprise that for a long time of its existence the city has experienced a lot of joyful and sad events, seen different people and collected interesting legends and facts, which allows us to call it one of of the most amazing places in the world.

Interesting facts about Madrid:

  1. Moors were the first inhabitants of Madrid.
  2. Madrid is one of the four richest cities in Europe.
  3. Situated at 650 meters above sea level, Madrid is the highest capital of Europe.
  4. With 250 sunny days in year, Madrid is the sunniest city of Europe.
  5. The monument of the city – bear, is situated on one of the largest squares of Madrid – Puerta del Sol.
  6. In Madrid you can find one of the biggest water parks in Europe – Aquasur.
  7. Every year, the real carnival with dancing, performances, costume shows and interesting traditions takes place in the city.
  8. The University of Salamanca, located in Madrid, is one of the four oldest educational institutions of Europe.
  9. One of the three most famous museums of the world– Prado Museum that collects the masterpieces of the world art.
  10. The city has the huge tapestry factory, producing thousands of handmade carpets every year.
  11. The greatest festival of Flamenco takes place every October in Madrid.
  12. There are 17 trees per each citizen of Madrid (the population of the capital is 3.1. million people).
  13. The oldest restaurant in the world called “Casa Botin”, opened in 1725 and listed in the Guinness Book, is situated in Madrid.
  14. The bullfight is permitted in Madrid. Moreover, such performances attract thousands of visitors.
  15. The only monument to the devil in the world is located in the Retiro Park.
  16. “Real Madrid” is the most successful football club of the XX century.
  17. The residents of Madrid greet each other by two kisses on the cheek.
  18. The city has Warner Brothers Museum, where everyone can see the characters of their favorite movies.
  19. Madrid became the capital 3 times. First time it happened in 1561, when the King Philip II chose it as a place for its residence due to its excellent location. In 1601 the capital was Valladolid, but after 5 years Madrid got its title back. In 1936, it was decided to move the capital of Spain to Valencia, but two years later Madrid became the capital once again.
  20. More than 6 million tourists visit Madrid every year.
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