Sunny Spain is usually related to beaches and bathing suits. In Madrid, unfortunately, you cannot find a sea and in winter, you will have to put on your coat and hat. Despite it, many veteran travellers recommend visiting the capital of Spain specifically in winter. Here are some reasons that may convince you that defying stereotypes, such as a beach holiday on Costa Brava, is a marvellous idea.

  1. Mild Winter

Yes, you will need a usual winter kit (a jacket, a scarf, gloves, warm shoes) but Madrid is known in Europe for its mild winter. Snow here becomes a sensation as the temperature rarely drops below zero. The coldest month is January but even in this month, the average temperature is 6 degrees above zero. Besides, the Spanish sun does not cease to give its warmth to you even in winter. I should also remind you that Madrid is the sunniest capital of Europe, and coming here, you will always fin Madrileños enjoying warm sun rays on terraces.

  1. Time for Travelling

Many tourists prefer visiting Spain in summer but they forget that the summer heat is that unbearable that travelling and exploring the beauties of the country is almost impossible. In winter, however, you can do it easily and with pleasure. If you are in Madrid, you can do such one-day trips as Segovia, Toledo, or Avila. If in summer you had to hide from the sun in bars and parks, in winter, you would enjoy the sun while walking along Medieval streets of ancient capitals and so fill your day with maximum impressions.

  1. Spanish Soups and Tapas

If in summer, your appetite is almost gone and it is difficult to try all the delicatessen of Spain, winter is a perfect time to devour famous Spanish soups and hot tapas. You should definitely try a Madrid soup, Cocido Madrileño. What is more, such hot dishes as suckling pig are much nicer in winter with a warming glass of red wine. You should also remember about traditional Madrid dessert, churros with chocolate.

  1. Good deals

Except for Christmas time, the rest of winter is the so-called low season, which means that you can save some money on accommodation, travelling to other cities, and plane flights. If you visit Madrid in January, you will find yourself in a sales season when best Spanish and international brands are sold with 80% discount or sometimes even cheaper if you go to one of the outlets that attract shopping fans from around Europe.

  1. Christmas

If being economical is not your main goal and it is more important for you to feel Christmas spirit and have a really fun and memorable Christmas holiday, then Madrid is your choice. In the evening, the streets of the city turn into real winter fairy-tale: broad avenues and narrow streets are shining bright with lights, shopping windows are competing in the originality of their décor, and many squares becomes Christmas markets and fairs. The Spanish have always been known for their mastery in celebrating, and a big and truly festive celebration is waiting for you in Madrid in winter.