The collection of Marquis of Cerralbo. Cerralbo Museum

The collection of Marquis of Cerralbo. Cerralbo Museum

It is no secret that Madrid has a rich cultural heritage. Here you can visit many palaces, museums and different architectural monuments, each of which has a distinct character. One of the most famous city’s attractions is Cerralbo Museum (“Museo Cerralbo”), formerly belonging to the Marquise of Cerralbo, big fans of collecting different artefacts.

It is easy to find the museum, as it is located on one of the main streets of Madrid– Spain Square (“Plaza de España”). The guests of Museo Cerralbo will discover the real life of the nobles of XIX century, as the museum preserved the magnificent atmosphere of that time.

The palace interior expresses the atmosphere of life of the royalty. Here you will find luxury furniture, expensive carpets and chandeliers; unusual glass and ceramic products and many objects that just started to come into use in the XIX century– alarm clock, telephone, etc.

You can also admire a huge collection of paintings of the famous Spanish (El Greco, Alonso Cano), Italian (Tintoretto, Giovanni Battista) and other artists. Even the most sophisticated connoisseurs of art will find something new there.

Marquis also collected porcelain and glass products. Porcelain statuettes are a great addition to the palace atmosphere. Even such household items as glassware are of particular interest, as they represent the culture of ancient Greece and Rome.

Even the clocks in the museum are very unusual. As marquis liked diversity, here you can find the clocks of different ages, cultures (English, French) and mechanisms. The carpets and tapestries of XVI century tell you a story of Marquise Cerralbo and fit perfectly into the palace interior.

You should pay attention to the rich museum library. Marquis collected the ancient books (starting with the XV century) and the first printed publications, appeared in Germany.

Besides, the museum is famous for the great collection of weapons (knight helmets, armor, swords, etc.), coins (the collection consisted of more than 20000 exhibits from all over the world!), medals, awards and ancient documents.

The museum is open to visits on the following days: Tuesday-Saturday (9:30-15:00), on Thursday from 17:00 to 20:00, Sunday and holidays (10:00-15:00). The ticket price is quite reasonable – 3 euro. Therefore, everyone can afford visiting the museum and enjoying the magnificent atmosphere of XIX century.

Don’t miss the chance to visit one of the best museums of Madrid and find out more about the history of Spain. Enjoy a pleasant stay in the capital of Spain!