The best shows of Flamenco in Madrid

The best shows of Flamenco in Madrid

Torres Bermejas

The restaurant Torres Bermejas is one of the best restaurants of Madrid, specialized in the national Spanish kitchen. It is located in the historical center of the city- Gran Via. The interior of the restaurant is performed in Arabic style, which reproduces the famous towers Torres Bermejas of the Alhambra in Granada. The tile and wooden ceilings are hand-painted. A lot of famous Flamenco dancers started their career just here: for example, the great Camaron,who performed at this restaurant for 12 years. Here you can enjoy the performances of the great Spanish dancers, singers and guitarists. You will also certainly like an excellent gastronomy of Torres Bermejas, which consists mostly of national Spanish dishes and wine. The attentive and careful staff won’t leave you without drinks at the time of show. The best Flamenco, outstanding performances and fantastic atmosphere- you’ll get it all at the restaurant Torres Bermejas.

Corral de la Moreria

The famous club-restaurant Corral de la Moreria opened its doors to the visitors far back in 1957. However, it still remains the best stage of Flamenco shows in Madrid. Here you’ll be able to enjoy the performances of the best Flamenco dancers. The show takes place every day in the evening and at night (the first one begins at 22.00). One of the advantages of the restaurant is its comfortable position in the center of the city, near the royal palace (Palacio Real), in the middle of the Old town. As for the interior, you’ll certainly pay attention to the walls of restaurant, covered with the photos of its famous visitors- Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore, James Cameron, Marlon Brando, Benicio del Toro, etc. It is also necessary to notice the first-class kitchen of the restaurant: paella, Andalusian gazpacho, Iberian ham, and for dessert- rice pudding with caramel and mandarin sorbet… Here you can try a lot of delicious national dishes, but only if you’ll be able to take your eyes off the breathtaking and charming Flamenco dance! The evening, spent in Corral de la Moreria, will remain in your memory for a long time.

Villa Rosa 

Villa Rosa is one of the oldest restaurants of Flamenco in Spain. It was opened as early as 1919. The restaurant is situated in the very heart of Madrid (10 minutes from the central square Puerta del Sol). It is very popular both among the tourists and the local lovers of Flamenco. That’s why sometimes it is very difficult to reserve a table. You must see to it beforehand (it is free of charge). It’s impossible to take no notice of the restaurant interior: Andalusian arches, wood, ceramics- it all reproduces the atmosphere of the Alhambra Palace in Granada. The façade of the restaurant is decorated with beautiful ceramic tiles, picturing the epicenters of Flamenco, such as Madrid and other Andalusian cities (Cordoba, Sevilla). The show of Flamenco is performed by the professional Spanish dancers- Jonathan Miro, Marco Flores, Olga Llorente, etc. Here you can really plunge into the atmosphere of Spanish passionate dance. The dancers of Flamenco will tell you a love story of Flamenco in a single dance. It can’t be described. You should visit Villa Rosa and feel it yourself.