Sunny Andalusia

Sunny Andalusia

Sunny Andalusia lies in the south of Iberian Peninsula. Anyone who visited it will always remember these hospitable lands.

Usually, the tourists come here for the hot sun and magnificent beaches. In Spanish these places are called “Costa del Sol”, which means “sunny coast”. That’s true – there are 325 sunny days a year in Costa del Sol. The capital of the coast is Malaga– the birthplace of Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. Here you can see the Roman ruins and Alcabaza of Malaga, where the Mauritanian authorities lived. You can visit the bullfight or one of the two Picasso Museums. You can climb a mountain with the remains of Gibralfaro Castle, offering the incredible view of the city and harbor or go down to the wine cellar and taste sharp and fragrant local wine. Those who don’t get enough impressions can visit the suburbs of Malaga: Torremolinos, Fuenjrola or Benalmadena. You can find a lot of interesting things in each of these cities.

The fans of history and architectural beauties should visit Granada or Sevilla, located far from the coast. Granada lies in the mountains, and the weather here is very changeable. The local center of tourist attraction is famous and luxury Alhambra (which means “red castle” in Arabic). It is the only preserved monument of Mauritanian culture in Spain. The huge complex includes palaces, decorated with magnificent stone carving, fortress, mint, gardens and infinite fountains.

The capital of Andalusia is Sevilla. This city is bright, festive and passionate as flamenco, so beloved by its residents. Gothic cathedrals and beautiful narrow streets of the medieval quarter of Santa Cruz (Saint Christ) don’t leave anyone indifferent. The local Cathedral houses the remains of Christopher Columbus. The bell tower of Cathedral – famous Giralda– is considered one of the symbols of Sevilla. Once it was the minaret of the mosque, but then the latter disappeared, and the minaret became the bell tower. The city has its own Arab monument – Alcazar castle with the galleries, fountains and gardens.

An incredible amount of attractions and beautiful nature, warm sea and snow mountains, delicious dishes and wine, sun, bullfight and flamenco– all this forms Andalusia – the place where everyone will find something which makes him/her happy.