Spanish beer

Spanish beer

Spain is famous not only for the rich culture, architecture and history. It also has excellent gastronomy. Residents and visitors of Madrid like to the bars with friends to have a glass of beer or wine with traditional Spanish snacks called “tapas”. Usually, in the typical places of Madrid you will be offered a small glass («caña») or a pint («jarra») of beer or wine. If you buy “jarra”, they will give you some snack (ham sandwiches, small serving of paella, “croquetas”- small cutlets, sausage of cheese plate, calamari, “empanadillas”- something like dumplings, etc.)

There are many sorts of beer in Spain. Guide in Madrid will help you to sort things out and tell you which sorts are the best.

  1. Alhambra Reserva

This sort of beer from Granada has a pronounced flavor and bright gold color. The alcohol content is about 7 %. The drink has a pleasant sweet taste of orange and caramel.

  1. Damn Inedit

This is one of the favorite beer sorts among Spaniards, created by the Spanish chef Ferran Adria in the restaurant “El Bulli”. The drink goes great with different meat and fish dishes and garnishes. The color is beer is a bit cloudy, and its smell reminds of yeast. Damn Inedit has an excellent composition: barley malt, wheat, hop, coriander, licorice and orange peel.

  1. Ambar Especial

This sort of beer from Zaragoza has a nice amber color and bitter taste. The alcohol content is about 5.2 %. Take it cool.

  1. Mahou Cinco Estrellas

This sort of beer was produced about 40 years ago, and since then its composition has been improved. Mahou Cinco Estrellas consists only of the highest quality ingredients: hop, yeast, water, malt and soda. The beer has a bright gold color and soft foam.

  1. San Miguel 1516

San Miguel 1516 is one of the most popular sorts of Spanish beer, characterized by an excellent composition: water, barley malt and hop. The alcohol content is very little – about 4 %.

  1. Estrella Galicia 1906

This sort has been produced at the plant of Galicia since the beginning of the XX century. The beer has intense bitter taste and pleasant gold color.

  1. Cruzcampo Gran Reserva 1904

Cruzcampo is one of the most famous sorts of Spanish wine that has a pleasant amber color, intense bitter taste and soft foam. The alcohol content is about 6 %. Cruzcampo is perfect in combination with meat, seafood, vegetable salads, different kinds of cheese and all possible “tapas”.

  1. La Socarrada

This sort was produced in the city of Xativa. La Socarrada is worth your attention, as it took the first prize in the beer competition in Germany, surpassing even the best local sorts. It can be rarely found on the store shelves, so if you want to try it you should go to the restaurant. The beer consists only of the best ingredients: barley malt, rosemary, honey, hop and yeast.

  1. Moritz

Moritz is produced at the brewery of Barcelona in the central district Raval. This sort has straw yellow color, soft foam and pleasant citrus flavor. The alcohol content is 5.4%.

Don’t miss the chance to taste the best sorts of Spanish beer, as it is one of the best ways to learn about the local kitchen and traditions. We hope that guide in Madrid will help you to make the best choice!