Michelin restaurants in Madrid

Michelin restaurants in Madrid

Michelin star is a symbol of the high recognition of the service of that or another gastronomic establishment. This criterion can be called a guide helping to choose the restaurants on a trip (concerning the kitchen). Three stars mean that the restaurant especially deserves visiting. Kitchen, wine, service will be at a very high level. You can get to some three-star restaurants only by the 1-1, 5 month’s appointment. Two stars mean that the restaurant dishes can be regarded the work of art.

Even one Michelin star is a very significant award and an indication of the high quality of the restaurant kitchen.

DiverXO (3 Michelin stars)

The elite Spanish restaurant DiverXO is the only establishment of Madrid which has three Michelin stars. The restaurant is located in the street Pensamiento, hidden in the emigrant district of the capital. The soul of this establishment is a young head-cook David Muñoz who gives preference to the competent and daring product mixing and the recipes of national Asiatic kitchen. David studied at one of the most popular restaurants of Abraham Garcia- Virdiana. The head-cook always sticks to his credo- to cook as if you create a real work of art. Such attitude towards his job helped him to achieve an extraordinary success. The interior of the restaurant DiverXO is very unusual and original: the ceiling and the walls are covered with the flocks of black butterflies, the tables are decorated with the figures of flying pigs, and the wine cellar “swarms” with the metallic ants. The design of the restaurant is very similar to the amateur artistic gallery, and that is its’ zest. That also goes for the kitchen of the restaurant- all the dishes are delicious, original and various! The exquisite menu includes the dishes of European, Japanese and Mediterranean kitchen, prepared from the authentic Spanish ingredients. If you consider food as an art and want to try the original and qualitative dishes in the best restaurants of Madrid- welcome to DiverXO!

Terraza del Casino Madrid (2 Michelin stars)

The restaurant Terraza del Casino Madrid is very popular among the residents and visitors of Madrid. It is located in the ancient gentleman’s club, and the restaurant interior was developed by the famous designers. The famous head-cooks work at this restaurant. That’s why it is famous for its fabulous kitchen. The dishes are notable for their originality and inventiveness. Even the carrying of the dishes is accompanied by the special effects. So, sauces and cocktails are dipped into the liquid nitrogen, extracting a peculiar ball. The careful staff explains the procession of dishes, working quickly and qualitative. The restaurant has a terrace with a beautiful view of a city. The live piano playing completes the atmosphere of the restaurant.


El Club Allard (3 Michelin stars)

The restaurant El Club Allard was built as a private club of politicians and bankers in the prestigious district Moncloa. To this very day it keeps the atmosphere of aristocratism and elitism. The restaurant is notable for its luxurious palace furniture with the high ceilings, arches, crystal chandeliers and mirrors of the 19th century. The dress code of the restaurant is very elegant: the men are obliged to wear necktie and jacket. First of all El Club Allard is intended for going out and special occasions. The staff is very careful: the waiters speak English and politely explain the preparation of dishes and offer the best variants. The kitchen is ruled by the young Basque head-cook Diego Guerrero, skillfully combining the Mediterranean tastes and aromas in the original recipes (scarlet shrimps with seaweed, pasties with scallops, sucking-pig with cinnamon, and apples with caraway and beef fillet in dark olive oil). For a dessert you should taste a famous aquarium with foam of mascarpone and seaweed of white chocolate, raspberry and cream or a false “poached egg” made of coconut, chocolate and mango. The wine is menu also notable for a huge variety of tastes. The dinner at the restaurant El Club Allard will certainly remain a fabulous memory!


Ramon Freixa Madrid (2 Michelin stars)

A small cozy restaurant Ramon Freixa is located at the 5-star boutique-hotel Unico in the elite district Salamanca. The design of establishment is notable for its classic decoration and pastel shades, that doesn’t distract the visitors from the gastronomic surprises. The interior disposes of just a few tables, arranged for the maximum comfort of the visitors. In summer you can also enjoy dinner on the terrace. The founder of the restaurant Ramon Freixa is the son of restaurateur from Barcelona Josep Maria Freixa, who in his time brought glory and Michelin star to his family. Now he conquers Madrid with the original Catalan kitchen. The menu of the restaurant offers both classical Spanish dishes (gazpacho, stomachs and honey-roast mutton) and many other original dishes with an amazing taste, such as cod in saffron, ravioli of shrimps with Bouilabaisse, asparagus soup with egg cream and lobster. The red Michelin guide recommends trying white asparagus, halibut with carrot and chick-peas and strawberry with celery and homemade vinegar. The presence of Michelin stars prove the freshness and quality of all ingredients, as well as the variety, originality of serving meals and a perfect combination of dishes. The restaurant staff is very careful and polite. It often happens that even the head-cook himself comes to the visitors, takes an order and ask their opinion of his dishes. The restaurant Ramon Freixa is recommended first of all for those who want to get a real pleasure from tasting different dishes in a relaxed atmosphere, without any distractions.

Sergi Arola (2 Michelin stars)

Sergi Arola is one of the most fashionable establishments of Madrid. This restaurant is a project of cooking master, famous Catalan head-cook Sergi Arola. He owns many cult restaurants of Barcelona, such as La Broche, Gastro, but he showed his talent and a flight of fancy in full measure only in Sergi Arola. The restaurant has excellent reputation and 2 Michelin stars due to the author’s kitchen. Every dish of Sergi Arola is a unique masterpiece, notable for the exotic mixture of components, unusual technics and unusual texture. Those who like experience the original gustatory senses can try wild duck with tartar and mustard leaves, Icelandic cod with toasts and yolk of egg, and for dessert- soufflé of crema catalane and apple tatin in iris. It’s also necessary to notice a modern design of establishment with its elegant oak furniture, upholstered with grey velvet, dim light and many original details such as aquariums on the tables. The restaurant Sergi Arola is intended first of all for the true gourmets that’s don’t spare time and money for the acquaintance with culinary masterpieces.