How to get Tax Free at the airport Madrid-Barajas?

How to get Tax Free at the airport Madrid-Barajas?

The procedure is conducted as follows:

1) People who make purchase on the territory of Spain must have the check for at least 90.16 euro in the shops that accepted the agreement about Tax Free.

2) You must put the stamp on the original check (don’t forget to check it, as if they stamp the copy, you’ll have to return and put the stamp on the original) of your purchases at the customs (before or after the registration to the registration for the flight, but before the examination and pass control. The stand where you can return the tax is located in the “Duty Free” zone, where you can get after the pass control. You can stamp the checks in the offices of Guardia Civil, located in the terminals Т1 on the first floor (close to the pass control), Т4 on the second floor (to the left of the checkpoint). The working hours of Tax Free offices are: 7:00-23:00 (except the 24/7 one in the terminal Т4 S).

3) Find the Tax Free offices according to the name of operator (you can find it on your check). In the branch of the bank “La Caixa” (terminal Т1, first floor) you can make a refund on the checks, if you made purchases in such shops as: El Corte Inglés, Innova Taxfree and Premier Tax Free. The working hours of offices are: 07:00-22:30. To get the Tax Free, using the checks of the agent “Global Blue”, you must contact one of the offices, located in the terminal Т1 (1 floor, working time- 7:00-23:00), and in the terminal Т4, (1 floor, working time – 7:00-24:00). Besides, you can visit the offices of the company “Global Exchange” that serves the checks of El Corte Inglés, Innova Taxfree, La Caixa, Premier Tax Free and Tax Free Worldwide (terminal Т4 S, 1 floor, working time- 24/7 and terminal Т1 on the 1 floor, working time- 07:00-23:00).

4) If you didn’t manage to return Tax Free at the airport of Madrid, you can send the stamped check to the address, indicated on the check of your purchase, and wait for the refund to your card.

Shopping in Spain is very pleasant, and at the same time economical pastime. The company “Privet Madrid” wishes you a wonderful rest and amazing shopping!

Spain is an amazing country, famous for its rich history, unique gastronomy and incredible shopping (especially in the big cities, such as Madrid and Barcelona). Here you can save a lot of money during the long sale, and also get Tax Free – the refund of VAT (which is on the average 10-15% of the purchase price).

Who can get Tax Free in Spain?

– people who are not the residents of Spain or other EU countries;
– people over 16 ;
Tax Free in Spain is intended only for the individuals. The companies should learn more about Business Tax Free- VAT refund for the expenses during business trips.

Features of Tax Free in Spain

VAT refund is realized only by the companies who accepted the agreement about Tax Free. They work with the customers and enter into the contracts with the trading enterprises. The main companies-operators on the Spanish market are Global Blue and Premier Tax Free.
You should remember that the more is the sum of your purchase, the bigger will be the amount of your Tax Free. You can calculate the approximate sum of VAR refund by using the calculator “Global Blue”.

Tax Free is partly realized for the following categories of goods:
– food and (partially) optic goods – 10%;
-medical products, books, magazines and (partially) foods – 4%.

Before making purchase, make sure that the chosen shop is in Tax Free system. To understand it, you should pay attention to the special logo, located in the showcase. The shops offering Tax Free in Spain stick the special sign “Tax Free” and indicate the name of the proxy agent, which can help you to refund VAT.

Minimal sum for Tax Free in Spain
The minimal purchase sum for Tax Free in Spain is 90.16 euro. However, you should note that this sum can consist of the several checks for the purchases made in the same shop. Remember the following information:
-the dates of checks must confirm that the purchase was made in the same year;
-if you sum up the checks, the date on the Tax Free form must correspond to the date of the last purchase.
However, the company “Premier Tax Free” doesn’t allow summing up the checks: you must make one purchase for 90.16 euro or more in one day.
How to get Tax Free in Spain?

In addition to the other advantages, you can choose the best form of refunding VAT.
1. The most popular way of getting Tax Free in Spain is to contact the Tax Refund Office at the airport before the departure.
2. You can get Tax Free in the places of City Refund. VAT is refund in cash or by transferring money to your card.
3. Tax Free on the return to your country.