6 one-day excursions from Madrid to other cities

6 one-day excursions from Madrid to other cities

Madrid is an exciting place with a large number of attractions, but you shouldn’t stay in one place too long. It is better to plan several excursions from the city than give you a new view of Spain. The list below shows you the best one-day trips from the capital of Spain:


By overcoming 70 km to the south-west, you will get in Toledo that was once the capital of Spain. This city has a rich history and possesses a unique combination of Muslim, Jewish and Christian cultural traditions. It is nice to stroll through the winding and hilly streets, where you can find the pictures of famous El Greco and visit the Gothic Cathedral and the Alcazar.


The city of Segovia, located 80 km from Madrid, is famous for its Roman Acqueduct, built in the 1st century. The massive stone arches of aqueduct can be seen right in the city centre. The city, surrounded by walls, also has a great cathedral (the last Gothic cathedral in Spain) and a magnificent castle Alcazar of Segovia. The gourmets should try the local speciality “cochinillo” (roasted pig).


Avila is another city-fortress 70 km west from Madrid. The city walls of the XI century seem untouched by time, which makes you feel like in a medieval fairy-tale. The lovers of architecture will be able to visit nine beautiful churches and the Convent of Saint Teresa of Avila.


The small city of Chinchon about 55 km from Madrid is famous for its “Plaza Mayor” (Main Square) with the beautiful two- or three-storey buildings with balconies. There are restaurants in most of these houses, so it might be a good idea to have lunch or dinner on one of the enchanting balconies. A lot of city churches were burnt by Napoleon’s army, but the travelers can still see the clock tower belonging to the old parish church Nuestra Señora de Gracia, which was rebuilt in 1856.


One of the nearest one-day trips from Madrid is the journey to Aranjuez, located 50 km from the capital. It is famous for its “Palacio Real” (Royal Palace) and the adjacent gardens, which are especially beautiful in spring. The special “strawberry” train goes from Atocha Station in Madrid to the center of Aranjuez. This is an old stream locomotive that will take you straight to the city, famous for its strawberry farming (the train goes on weekends from May to September).


The fancy small city of Cercedilla is located 38 km north from Madrid, is surrounded by mountains of Guadarrama. Those who love nature and want to spend some time in the country (and are not satisfied with the parks of Madrid) will enjoy this trip. There are several near the city well-marked routes for walking with different levels of complexity. Therefore, you should be ready for the day full of activity. In Cercedilla and its surroundings you can also cycle, swim and watch the birds.