The best golf courses in Spain

The best golf courses in Spain

When the golf fans think about the perfect rest for them and their families, the first thing that hits their minds is visiting Spain. This is the favorite rest place for thousands of tourists. Spain is country of golf courses, excellent weather and beautiful landscapes. Spain can offer the best conditions for golf players and attract more and more golf lovers every year!

Sunny weather, combined with light breeze and perfect visibility is a dream of any golfer. Spain is considered to be the country with the with the most favorable golf climate, as sunny and windless weather stays there during the whole year. It means that you can admire your favorite game regardless of the season. Touristic “year” in Spain is divided into 4 parts depending on the number of tourists: June-September (“low season”), December-February (“low season”), October-November (“high season”) and March-May (“high season”).

In total, there are 315 golf courses in Spain. They are located in the cities and in the mountain and sea resorts. The golf centers of Spain have various landscape and other characteristic, which make every game different. Если Вы хотите принять участие в игре, Вам необходимо оплатить взнос клуба, а также предоставить подтверждающий сертификат. Не обязательно иметь лицензию, выданную королевской федерацией гольфа в Испании. Вы можете просто предъявить сертификат федерации гольфа в Вашей стране или же клубную карту одного из ‘официальных’ гольф центров.

Five best golf courses in Spain

The golf course Valderrama is located in Andalusia, some distance from the cities of this region. It is famous for the fact that such competitions as Masters (1989) and Ryder Cup (1997) took place on these fields.

Real Sociedad Hipica Espanola Club de Campo (North) is located on the outskirts of Madrid. In 2007 the club hosted the participants of Madrid Open, and in 2010 – Madrid Masters.

The golf club of Catalonia is located in Girona. 2 World Cup of Golf (1999 and 2000) took place on its territory.

The Real Club de Golf Sotogrande is an old club, which has stood the test of time. It was founded by Robert Trent Jones on Costa del Sol more than 40 years ago.

Campo de Golf El Saler is located on the territory of Albufera Natural Park, on the Mediterranean coast. It was founded by Javier Aran and is considered as one of the best golf club for its location and field organization.

Due to the huge variety of golf courses, you can find something to your taste, even if you just make you first steps in golf. It’s safe to say that you haven’t played golf if you never tested the golf courses of Spain!