Royal Palace in Madrid (Palacio Real de Madrid)

Royal Palace in Madrid (Palacio Real de Madrid)

Palacio Real, which means “Royal Palace”, is the main attraction of Madrid. Any tourist visiting this city will start from here, and for good reason. This great palace complex will open the doors for its visitors, allowing them to fully enjoy its luxury interior, learn the history and stroll through the wonderful gardens.

Royal walls for the royal family.

Royal Palace was built for Carlos III, and its rich interior corresponds his taste. The palace was constructed by Italian architects in baroque. The facades of magnificent cultural monument are coated with marble and granite and decorated with great columns, balustrade and pilasters with many relief patterns. Today the palace is considered the residence of Spanish royal family. However, nobody lives there, as it serves only for the celebration of commemorative ceremonies.

Why should you visit the Palace?

  1. The palace rooms are recognized the most luxurious in Europe. Here you can find the frescoes of such great masters as Caravaggio and Francisco de Goya, the collection of violins of Stradivarius, crystal chandeliers, china, gilding and the furniture in empire and neo-classicism.
  2. The complex includes Armory, Royal Library, and even Royal Pharmacy with the alchemical laboratory.
  3. You will be impressed by the Column, Throne room and the Room of Gasparini, whose walls are lined with silk and silver thread and decorated with mosaic, Flemish tapestry and vases.

Walking through the palace in the open air.

  1. There is an unusual courtyard inside the palace.
  2. On the southern façade of the building you can see the main feature of décor- the sculpture complex “Triumph of Spain”. Here you can also find the front entrance and Armory Square, where the solemn changing of the guard takes place once a month.
  3. You can’t remain indifferent to the beautiful Sabatini Gardens and the park Campo del Moro with its charming alleys and fountains. Walking there, you can enjoy the view of the pond, cypress trees and pheasants. Truly royal atmosphere!

What kind of celebrations takes place in the Royal Palace of Madrid?

During its existence, the walls of this palace have witnessed a lot of landmark events, such as the wedding of Alfonso ХII in 1879 in the Dining Hall. The signing of the agreement of Spain with EU in 1985 was also held there. And in 2004 the palace was the place of celebration of marriage of Spanish Crown Prince Felipe, which was telecast in different parts of the world. On the days of celebration of landmark events, the excursion to the palace is forbidden.

How to get to the palace?

You can reach the palace by metro. Get off at the Opera Station and walk a few minutes. The admission ticket is inexpensive by the standards of Europe – the adult ticket costs about 10 euro (depending on whether you want to visit the palace with the tour guide or explore it on your own). Those who want to walk through the Palace alone should look at the informational tablets throughout the museum complex and the detailed description for the tourists.

You will be excited about the visit to the Royal Palace and get a lot of positive impressions and wonderful memories. You will also remember the impressive size of the largest palace of Europe and appreciate the royal conditions of living of the Spanish monarchs.