If you drive a few kilometres away from Madrid, you will find many mushroom places but not all

of them allow picking. The Spanish law establishes that private owners and regional authorities/
who possess a given territory, can regulate such issues as picking mushrooms and other things on
their land. Besides, there are territories that have the status of Reserva or the Zone of Maximum
Protection. Here mushroom picking is strictly forbidden.
If we are to forget about those inaccessible locations, Madrid area still has a lot of green areas,
where you can easily enjoy picking mushrooms. So here are some of these places, all of them are
about an hour away from Madrid.
1 Alameda de la Valle
This is one of the most popular places among mushroom pickers. Here you will find numerous
boletes (aka penny bun) and oyster mushrooms. The village is located by the Lozoya River, and here
you can not only get a good mushroom harvest but also enjoy walking around some of the most
picturesque places, for instance, in the oak forests.
2 Puetro de Canencia
This is another territory on the North of Madrid, also popular with mushroom pickers. Apart from
boletes and oyster mushrooms, you can also find false champignons, saffron milk caps, and many
others. Here you will also see some of the most impressive mountain spots, including the waterfall
Chorrera de Mojonavalle which is particularly impressive in winter, when it freezes.
3 Valle de Paular
Another great spot for mushroom lovers. The most common mushrooms here are saffron milk caps
and champignons. If you come here, you will get a basket full of mushrooms as well as enjoy a
walk in beautiful forests, the most famous of them are pinares (the forests of the Mediterranean
stone pines) and a visit to the Monastery of Paular.
4 Puerto de Cotos
This mushroom place is situated in Sierra de Guadarrama, almost on the border with Segovia.
Mainly you will find here saffron milk caps. The views that you see here are worth mentioning too
as this area is located between two valleys.
5 Puerto de Leones
Another great spot for picking boletes and saffron milk caps. Situated close to the border with
Avila, this territory is famous among mushroom pickers for the abundance of mushrooms as well as
the richness of plant diversity.
Whatever place you decide to go, you should remember that there many types of inedible
mushrooms. If you decide to pick up a mushroom that you are not familiar with you’d better put it
separately from those you are sure about. It is better to cut mushrooms carefully instead of pulling
them out of the ground so as not to damage the spawn. And better if you eat mushrooms fresh.