Immovables in Madrid

Immovables in Madrid

Madrid is the largest city of Spain and a political, economic and cultural center of the country. The capital of Spain is notable for its developed tourist activity, as it is visited by many tourists from all over the world every year. Some of them are planning not only sight-seeing, but also renting or buying a property in Madrid. It is no wonder, as living in the rented private apartment assures much more comfortable and quite rest than at the hotels. If you’re interested in buying a property in Madrid, this article is just the thing you need.

Salamanca is considered the best area of the city. This elegant and luxurious district is located not far from the park Retiro. In Salamanca you can find the most expensive boutiques and salons, the most famous brand stores and high-level restaurants. The apartments of Salamanca are quite large (200 and expensive. The life here is quiet, level and safe.

Hortaleza also belongs to the best and the most luxurious districts of Madrid. It is located in the center of Madrid, 2 minutes walking from the street Gran Via. There are many restaurants and bars in this area.

Living in the suburbs of Madrid isn’t less prestigious (especially in such districts as Pozuelo, Arabaca, Alcobendas and Majadaonda). For example, the famous Spanish politicians live in Pozuelo: ex- Prime ministers Jose Maria Aznar and Felipe Gonzalez, the judge Baltasar Garzon and the members of government. A lot of Spanish businessmen and celebrities live in Majadaonda. The large private houses with all the conditions for comfortable living prevail in this district.

So, the Spaniards and foreigners, putting up their money in buying a property in Madrid or its suburbs, make a very efficient investment. The costs of immovable property are rising exponentially (for instance, for the last 6 years they’ve increased by 100 %). Whether you want to rent an apartment or live in Madrid, the purchase of property will bring you profit and pleasure!