Extraordinary beauty of Segovia

Extraordinary beauty of Segovia

Not every city can proudly call itself a king’s residence. It sounds so solemnly! We can imagine the castle, king, queen, ladies of the court and knights. Perhaps, every girl dreamed of becoming a princess, and every boy- a knight. By visiting this city, you can plunge into this atmosphere. Even though the buildings have changed, Segovia kept the same unique and exciting spirit.

As in the other cities of Spain, you can admire an original national architecture. However, is Segovia it is a bit different, as the city was influenced by the Romans who once ruled it.

Apart from political, there were also racial changes, when the King Alfonso VI expelled the Arabs and Moors and changed the composition of the population. After that, the city was occupied by northerners. Those changes impacted the history of Segovia and the whole Spain.

Segovia went through a lot- both ups and downs. Even being captured by Napoleon, the city doesn’t lose its cultural properties and wasn’t broken.

At the moment, the city has almost the same communications as most other cities of Spain and the world in general.

However, we should think not only about the past but also about the present. If you order the excursion to Segovia, the guide will tell you everything about this city (both historical and modern), focusing on the most important details you should remember. After that, you can take a cup of coffee at the restaurant and think about the stories heard.

Summarizing the above-mentioned, we would like to note that visit to this city (one of historical capitals of Sain) will leave no one indifferent, as it is an interesting adventure for both children and adults. Here you can plunge into its history, find and explore a lot of interesting things.