Toledo Cathedral

Toledo Cathedral

It is believed that Toledo was built in the place where Virgin appeared to St. Ildefonsus. Actually, the Cathedral is located in the place of the former church of the King Recarreda and the Muslim mosque.
This building was destroyed by order of the king Fernando in 1227, and the Archbishop Cathedral was built in its place. The project of this building was developed by the architect Martiner, and its construction lasted for 250 years.

At first, the main builder was Petrus Petri, and then the work was continued by Rodrigo Alfonso and Alfaro Gomez. The building was finished by the master Pedro de Alala. The construction of the main building was completed by 1493.

You will be impressed by the size of cathedral (140 m length and 130 m wide). The highest edifice is the northern cathedral tower, which mainly forms the silhouette of the city. The southern tower remained unfinished.

The vestry of cathedral keeps a lot of religious artefacts (for example, different ritual clothes, embroidered with the precious stones, put over the statue of Virgin during the solemn worships. These clothes are stored in the chests, made of the precious breeds of marble. Toledo Cathedral also keeps many outstanding works of art (more than in any other Spanish cathedral).

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