Exotic fruits

Exotic fruits

On boring days and in bad weather, we all needs summer, bright and unforgettable emotions… But how to give yourself this piece of summer? Of course, you can start packing your suitcase and go someplace hot. But unfortunately, not everyone can afford it. There is a cheaper, but not less attractive way to plunge into the atmosphere of summer holidays is to treat yourself to the delicious exotic fruits, which are in abundance in Spain. In our article we will list the best exotic fruits, worthy of tasting.


Cherimoya is especially popular in Spain and Portugal. Serve it cool, add in ice-cream, fruit salads or cool drinks. The fruit of cherimoya is very large weighing between 0.5 and 3 kg. Its healing properties include: positive effect on the heart, reduction of blood pressure, strengthening the immunity and prevention of cancer.

Indian fig

Sweet fruit from Mexico, rich in vitamin C. You can eat it alone, add it in jam or make tea with its seeds.


Very tender and juicy exotic fruit from South America. The flesh of tamarillo has pleasant sour-sweet taste. Its peel may have red, yellow and even purple color. Eat the fruits raw or add them in smoothie and cocktails. Despite the fact that the fruit isn’t good for transportation, Spaniards deliver it all year round.


Loquat starts blossoming in May. It looks and tastes like pear, but has a bit sourish taste. Loquat is rich in vitamins А, В and С, strengthens sight and nerves and removes excessive liquid from the body. You can eat it alone or use it to prepare fruit salads and different sweets.


This unusual fruit is cultivated in South and Central America. The fruits usually have round or oval shape and a peel of bright yellow or green color, while its flesh can be white, pink or bright red. The weight of the fruit ranges from 70 to 160 g.  Guayaba has a bit sourish taste, but is very refreshing on a hot summer day.


Kiwano is an exotic fruit from Africa that looks like a small oval lemon. As the plant hates the cold, Spanish climate is perfect. The fruits can be yellow, red or orange and have soft thorns. Kiwano has an unusual taste that reminds of cucumber and banana. The fruit is used for making fruit and milk drinks. Due to its low caloric content, it is used in different weight loss diets.

As you can see, the choice of exotic fruits in Spain is very diverse. Enjoy the fresh delicacies and plunge into the atmosphere of summer!