Candle night in Pedraza

Candle night in Pedraza

It seems unbelievable that so tiny villages as Pedraza have so many interesting places. Even if you haven’t been there yet, you’ve probably heard about this village. Many commercials (both local and international) were shot on its streets. It is surprising given that the  population of the village barely reaches 500 people.

However, the main attraction of Pedraza is not advertising, but a holiday celebrated there for 20 years. We’re talking about the Candle night– the event never missed by the residents of the village. Besides, Candle nigh became one of the favorite tourist festivals, which attracts the visitors from Segovia and its surroundings.

When does the celebration take place?

The holiday has a date. It is celebrated every year on the first and second Saturday of July.

What is this holiday about?

The most effective part of holiday starts at night. As the day comes to an end, people throughout the village light the candles. On the balconies, windows and streets… you can make it anywhere, and the magic of light will cover the entire village. Usually, in this time there is no place for electric light. The streetlights go out, giving way to the candles. Imagine this atmosphere: total silence, allowing you to fully enjoy the holiday. Walking through the village streets helps the tourists to rest from the noise pollution and stress of the big city.

Although the tourists start the ritual of candle lighting at 19.00, the main part of the festival starts at 22.00, when the sun goes down. Hundreds of curious people stroll through the brightly illuminated medieval streets, and it seems that the shadows, reflecting on the walls of the houses, are trying to catch you.

Our advice: if you decide to visit Pedraza on any of the two weekends, spend the whole Saturday there. Although the celebration starts at sunset, you can devote the whole day to exploring the territory. Thus, if you come early in the morning, you can visit one of the most famous places of this area– prison, palace, or Puerta de la Villa. And when you want to stop, go outside the village and eat the delicious sandwich, sitting on the ground and enjoying the beautiful views of the valley Navafria.