Spain is known for its fiestas, and Christmas is no exception. Unlike many other European countries, Spain does not limit itself with December 2 and January 1. The main Christmas holiday in Spain takes place on the night of January 6, when the three wise men come to newborn Jesus. However, even before December 25, the Spanish have full 9 days of visiting friends and relatives, every night enjoying a real feast.

Naturally, what holiday would it be without songs? Apart from the international hits, the kingdom also has its own traditional Christmas carols. Here are top-5 songs from Spain, which will fill you with real Christmas spirit.

  1. Noche de Paz

    The melody of this song is well-known to everyone, its English version is called Silent Night. Originally, the song was written at the beginning of the nineteenth century in Austria and has become one of the main musical themes of Christmas. However, thanks to the unique sound of the Spanish language it shines with new colours.

  2. Blanca Navidad

Another Christmas classic is dedicated to the joy and excitement that fill kids in the anticipation of the main holiday of the year.

3. Los Peces en el Río

The title of the song is translated as “Fish in the River”, and the origin of this songs lays in Spain. The melody and poems of the song tell us about Saint Mary, who is washing clothes in the river.

4. Ya Vienen Los Reyes

“Here come the three wise men” is especially popular at the Day of the Three Wise Men, which is celebrated in Spain on January 6. This beautiful Christmas song is especially popular among Spanish kids as it announces the long-awaited moment – when they can finally open their presents.

5. Canta, Ríe, Bebe

This melody is more modern. “Sing, Laugh, Drink” call its listeners for enjoying the holiday of Christmas, as “Tonight is Christmas Eve / And there is no need for sorrow”.