Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo (Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo)

Catedral Primada Santa María de Toledo (Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo)

Toledo Cathedral is one of the most important temples of Spain. It is an official residence of the Bishop of Toledo. Unfortunately, the ancient annals don’t explain when the cathedral was built. All we know is that the first church was built on this land in Roman times.

The cathedral was reconstructed in 587 A.C. by the tribes of Visigoths. After the invasion of Moors on the Spanish lands, Catholic cathedral was destroyed, and its place was occupied by the mosque. And after the Reconquista in 1085, the mosque was demolished, and two centuries later, in 1226, the Spanish King Fernando III ordered the construction of cathedral.

The erection of temple was finished in 1493. By design of the first architects, the temple had to contain the elements of French Gothic, but due to the prolonged works, it was built in such styles as mudejar and plateresque. Its height is 44 m, and the bell tower rises to 90 m. The well-known bell “La Gorda” was designed especially for the Toledo Cathedral in 1753.

The façade of the building is presented in the form of three Gothic portals: The Portal of Forgiveness, The Portal of Hell and The Portal of The Last Judgment. They are decorated with the biblical figures. The inner richness of the cathedral is known around the world. It includes 5 naves, and the vaults are supported by the strong stone columns. The rays of sunlight enter the cathedral through 700 stained glass windows. In the XVIII century the talented master Narciso Tome created the large transparent window (“Transparente”), which was an example of the elaborate Spanish Baroque.

The enormity of cathedral is underscored by the fact that it is considered the highest building in the city. In the end of the XX century, the cathedral was added to the list of city’s historical and architectural heritage, and in 1986 it was included in the list of UNESCO. You can enter the cathedral during the Mass, but at another time it acts as a museum. Therefore, you will have to buy the entrance ticket.

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